Jake Fenton and the Stone of Tears

The first book in the series by S N Grantham

About the Author

S N Grantham, (named in honour of his great great grandfather, William Henry Albert Grantham, who migrated directly from England to Brancepeth Masterton, New Zealand, to wed Georgina Allsworth), is a writer based in Northland, and like most imagineers, was most interested in literary fiction, in specific, the genre of Sci-fi/fantasy.

About the Book

Jake Fenton can't believe how miserable his life is. Orphaned at birth, and in the care of nasty demeaning guardians, he’s shunned by everyone, and forced to live in a damp basement. With no special talents, he desperately wishes he wasn't ordinary, that his life would get better. But that all changes when his nerdy, overly curious friend, Quinn, drags him along to a suspicious fire, he becomes hunted, forcing him to desperately fight to stay alive.

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