S.N. Grantham

About the Author

S N Grantham, (named in honour of his great great grandfather, William Henry Albert Grantham, who migrated directly from England to Brancepeth, Masterton, New Zealand, to wed Georgina Allsworth), is a writer based in Northland, and like most imagineers, was most interested in literary fiction, in specific, the genre of Sci-fi/fantasy. The realm of what could be, and what could have already transpired, has always interested him, especially that which delves in the mysterious, and in the supernatural. He wanted to know what a world of tomorrow would look like if they were actually real.


There's not much to tell about him. He was born and raised in Masterton NZ. It's hard growing up in a state house back then, even harder now, and even though him and his family had no help from anyone else, they managed. He received multiple awards and a Bursary Entrance at Wairarapa College and received a Bachelor of IT degree from Central Institute of Technology(CIT), or as it became to be known in his later education, Wellington Institute of Technology(WelTec). As of late, he's single, and currently work for his parents in their Fish n' Chip shop, Highway 10 Seafood Takeaways in Waipapa NZ. Not the big jump he was hoping for, and to be honest, nobody's from nowhere get nothing, (a theory he wishes desperately to disprove).


But in his time of wading through the lies, and falling on his cushioned rump many times, he figured out something that he hadn't before. And that is, that he is a thinker, a shaper, a dreamer, and a maker. He is a creator, an artist, one of the few that can see the world differently, see it for what it could be. He was able to draw many of his inspirations from the far off places that reside out there, and from the world around him.


Many years ago, a primary school teacher told him that he had the makings of becoming an excellent story writer, but back then, he foolishly thought she was just a crackpot. However, now he wonders if she may have seen in him what he recently figured out himself.


With no previous publishing credentials, he has not accomplished anything in the form of literature at all. He had absolutely nothing to his name, but he knew that he had to start somewhere, even though the odds were completely against him, he instinctively knew that he had to fight for what he wanted, and keep on fighting, for that is the essence of following your dreams. It was as if he woke up one day and said to himself, "I'm going to become a great writer one day." Once he puts his mind to something, he doesn't give up till the bitter end.


Have you ever been asked, What do you want to do with your life, and then expect an answer straight away. Some can answer it, and follow through in later years. Most answer it incorrectly, for it is not what they really want to do with their lives, just a passing impulse at the time. It's hard to know what you want to be, and sometimes, it can take a whole lifetime to figure that out, to figure out the true calling of your heart.


He was greatly inspired to write after reading J K Rowlings noted works, they inspire us all, and decided to give it a shot, his heart leading the way. After six years of research to find a suitable storyline and to create the suitable characters and character profiles, and then another 5 years to write the first book as a novice writer, but he has often said, that it has not been a burden to him as you might think. To him, this is an adventure, one that has been unravelling right before his very eyes.


The other secret is to find a quiet sacred place that you can think in. He jokes quite often that his intuition comes from a multitude of places, like when he pulls his fringe like it's pulling his brains, or that his hair are actually antenna for receiving signals from outer-space, or that he sneaks off to the thunder box to practice Newton's third law, or that he gets flushed down the toilet through a portal to the other place. It's not called a think tank for nothing.

Childrens Novel

Jake Fenton's saga is a sci-fi/fantasy book, based in the near future of Wellington City. He wonders through life wishing that he was more, but when he starts to physically change into a Dragon, he finds his life turned upside down. He has to accept his new identity, and integrate his changes into his life. Through adventure and adversity, he endures, and finds his place amongst new races that eventually adopt him into their culture.


It is a story of self-discovery, adversity through difficult times, a sense of belonging and feeling wanted and being accepted by others, something we all strive for, as we are all community builders at heart. This is a book series that multiple age groups can enjoy, and will love for generations to come.

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