Jake Fenton and the Deranged Berserker


Jake Fenton is back…

Returning back to Berk to play in the ultimate test of warrior-hood, Save the Citizen, Jake plans to have fun and spend some much needed time with his friends, Astrid the Ice Dragon, Ash Thorsen the Asgardian, and Fangar the Wolfkin. But when Berk comes under a vicious attack by a dangerous group of hostile Berserkers, it becomes clear what and who they are really after, Jake, the Midgard Dragon.

Hoping to contain the situation, Fu Dog, a Shar-Pei philosophical Hellhound with a attitude problem and Jake’s longstanding teacher, whisks Jake back to Midgard, under the watchful eyes of Fangar, Astrid, and Booma, a temperamental Cernunnos with small antlers and horns, to hide him in plain sight, away from the Berserkers. However, things aren’t all that safe for Jake back in the tri-city. Strange things start to happen in school, from sabotaged equipment to vandalism that Jake suspects is no mere coincidence. When he gets led into a trap, his fears are realised as he tries to escape. Managing to escape a hunting party, he is accidentally poorly photographed in his dragon form by one of his teachers, starting an all out dragon hunt for him…or a flying lasagne. But if that wasn’t bad enough, his best human friend becomes the target of his aggressors. To make matters worse for himself, he becomes more aggressive and angry for no apparent reason, lashing out at his closest friends with his very own set of sharp claws.

Finding out that the Berserkers used Blood Magic to curse him into turning into a monstrous weapon to be used against all that is good, and that Ash Thorsen has been kidnapped by the very same villains trying to control him, he has an uphill battle on his hands. Even the Berkian Council has turned on him and his friends, taking control away from the King of Berk, and offering no help at all. It is left up to Jake to set things right before he himself becomes the feared enemy. With time running out, Jake must find his friend, protect the school, stop the hunt for the flying Lasagne, as well as finding out the identity of the Berserker King and defeat him before his evil plans can come to fruition. Time is not on his side, because with every passing second, he can feel the lust for blood swelling up inside, taking control of him inch by inch, slowly bringing him closer to becoming his worse nightmare, a deranged Berserker.

Will Jake save the student body, or feast upon it?

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