Jake Fenton and the Stone of Tears


Dragons! They’re real!! Hidden amongst us in human form, they could be anywhere, even right beside you…

Jake Fenton can’t believe how miserable his life is. Orphaned at birth, and in the care of nasty demeaning guardians, he’s shunned by everyone, and forced to live in a damp basement. With no special talents, he desperately wishes he wasn’t ordinary, that his life would get better. But that all changes when his nerdy, overly curious friend, Quinn, drags him along to a suspicious fire, he becomes hunted, forcing him to desperately fight to stay alive.

Saved by people he didn’t think were his friends, Jake is taken to a secret hidden island archipelago, called Berk, where he must learn to fight and live as something he did not expect to be, a dragon, and not just any dragon, but a Midgard Dragon, a seemingly more dangerous type of dragon that has also been deemed mortal enemies of the world. Faced with no alternatives, he is forced to participate in one of Berks annual events, ‘Save the Citizen’ with the promise of return back home if he succeeds. With the help of his new Berkian friends, Highborn Viking Ash, Fangar the Wolfkin, and Fu the talking flabby dog, he realises his potential as a true Dragon.

Despite this, most of the other Berkian Vikings and Dragons show hostility towards him, even from a certain unique Ice Dragonelle named Astrid Iceshard Stormrage, whom he feels oddly drawn to. They are convinced he’s been sent to destroy them, convincing them otherwise won’t be easy. He thought that it was tough making friends back home, but here, he’s surrounded by monsters that would rather eat him. But despite this, Jake grows to love Berk and its inhabitants, even though the feelings are not mutual. Jake wishes to stay instead, and join them in their magical secret threeway- war with Vampires, and Hunters.

After some treacherous, and dangerously unsettling training, the new Dragon Initiates are thrust into a real-life mission, when a powerful artefact, the Stone of Tears, is stolen, it’s up to Jake and a handful of Dragon Initiates to recover it. But when things go horribly wrong, Jake has to decide on whether to follow the laws that destiny has provided for them all, or sacrifice all that he is and make his own destiny as the uniter of the world. Can Jake and his new friends save the day, or will the dark and sinister forces working from the shadows bring about the coming darkness

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